Tom Kane’s Film School – Full Download

Over 12 hours of video content, divided into 10 Chapters, along with the full Workshop Manual, sample forms, and links to additional resources.


10 Chapter Downloads, 11+ hrs. of video

In this preview clip from Tom Kane's Film Production Workshop, Tom reviews the production board and some important scheduling factors that are important for an Assistant Director to utilize in order to create a well-planned and efficient production schedule. Order the Full Workshop Download to learn how to plan, organize and manage a major feature, independent film or video project. From breaking down the script to your last day of shooting - plus everything in between - you'll learn it all.

On the Set of Riders of the Purple Sage

Location scouting for
"Riders of the Purple Sage"
    • Define & Explore the Roles & Responsibilities of the:
      • Producer
        • Developing Producer
        • Line Producer
      • Unit Production Manager (UPM)
      • Assistant Director (AD)
        • 1st AD
        • 2nd AD
        • 2nd 2nd AD
        • DGA Trainee
    • Cast Deals
    • 2nd Unit Shooting
    • Line & Breakdown Screenplay Demonstration
    • Actual Screenplay Breakdown Exercises
    • Create Shooting Schedule (Film Scheduling Software)
      • Discuss All Factors Considered To Create The Schedule
    • Scouting of Interior & Exterior Locations
      • Local & Distant Location Issues

Location Scouting with Waris Hussein

1st AD
Location Scouting in London with Waris Hussein
  • Walk through the Production Board
  • Cover Production Paperwork including
    • Call Sheet
    • Production Report
    • One Line Schedule
    • Day-Out-Of-Days
  • Budgeting Process (Film Budgeting Software)
    • Line-By-Line Exploration
    • Define Crew Roles
    • Negotiating Techniques: Actors, Crew, Vendors, Unions,
      Agents, etc.
    • Union Rules (WGA/ DGA/ SAG/ IA/ Teamsters)
    • Insurance Formulas
    • Equipment: Camera/ Grip/Electric/ Set Design & Construction
  • Deconstructing the Shot
    • Discuss, Dissect, and Delineate the Creation of Complex Cinematography
  • Global Film Production:
    • Crossfire Trail (Filmed in Canada)
    • Brush With Fate (Filmed in Holland)